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Best Market....What Defines Best?

Adlife WebComment
Best Market....What Defines Best?

Best Practices....Best Principles....Best Products....What Defines Best? 

For many years myself and a wonderful group of talented creative types like myself have fostered an environment of creative services named Adlife & Bad-Adz. Our image library is focussed on prepared food images intended to brand either Adlife or Bad-Adz private clients. This is the core competency all three companies rely on for sustainability.

Branding Brings About Results....We All Become Brands To Thrive!

So as the world has turned and print was replaced in large part by digital. The Adlife images once protected by a transfer relying solely on film has now become part of the ever growing environment of Copyright infringement.

For the purposes of this article we will kindly refer to this as the "Unauthorized transfer of ones Intellectual Property to another company.

Adlife the owner of these branding tools which are in large part custom photography for its own survival had decided many years ago to protect it's Intellectual Property. It is not popular to protect a companies Intellectual Property....we get it.

It will always be easier to cut and paste to build a brand than to actually take the time to be different. Branding is about who you are and what you stand for. Great examples are those like Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks.

Adlife & Bad-Adz Protecting Their Brands & Ability To Brand Under Copyright...Not Always Popular?

While it will never be popular to call out another company we live in a world of right and wrong. The unauthorized use of anothers Intellectual Property is wrong.....period.

Adlife in one of its latest encounters to protect its Intellectual Property has discovered Best Markets and its practices. You might notice a couple of words between Best and practices.

I chose Best Markets in an attempt to illustrate what a creative company might go through attempting to protect valuable Intellectual property. Necessary protection from a company well aware of the proverbial table manners regarding copyrights.

About a year ago Adlife made Best Markets aware of its unauthorized use of Adlife images under copyright. There was little and ultimately no response for many months from Best Markets. While fully notified of these continued instances of unauthorized use Best Markets continued to use Adlife images under copyright.

"Adlife Files Legally For Copyright Protection Against Best Markets"

In an effort to protect Adlife Intellectual Property Adlife filed the necessary paperwork to legally protect its branding tools or in fact its ability to survive as a creative company.

After over a year of legal motions & tactics as I write this article today Best Markets has Adlife images under copyright in this weeks ads. Let me repeat that...A year after being notified by a federal court Best Markets still has Adlife images in its ads this week.

In my opinion if "Best Markets" does not take copyright law set by the United States federal government seriously why would we believe Best Markets would follow food guidelines set by the same federal government on food safety, standards and or delivery?

Once again, in my opinion....while it is difficult for me to digest Best Markets behavior a consumer may find far more serious digestive issues when any company doesn't play by the rules.

Some will ask why right the article? Why pick Best Markets? I wrote this in part to answer the many questions posed to me about whats up with all of the copyright chatter. Why choose to protect copyrights?

We do this because Adlife images are the images our private creative clients and Adlife have carefully molded to define each of our brands. Our success or failure is directly tied to our clients retail sales. Perhaps, as I have written before....For 39 years I have done what I love...."Your Ads"

So simply put...when a market is really the best market it becomes best by developing its own Intellectual Property. Nothing will ever be "Best" through unauthorized use.

Controversial to some but simple to me....When I shop a store I pay for what I purchase. 

Adlife asks the same of the companies that use its intellectual property.

Thanks for listening.....Joel

Best Markets Ownership Aviv Raitses & Eran Raitses Rebecca Philbert President

Or Raitses V.P. & General Counsel

This is an article of my opinion. Many have asked why I choose to write about what I see in the supermarket industry today and my ideas. At Bad Adz, & Adlife we believe great ideas and the resulting "Branding" will give new life and direction to any company. So for that reason we chose to open the discussion.

Yes, I understand I probably misspelled something or butchered the English language in a few places. The goal however was to open your minds to new ideas. 

Joel Albrizio, President of Bad Adz Digital Marketing & Adlife

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